Welcome to MIBS!

Dr.Berezin Medical Institute was founded in 2003. The main line of company’s work is provision of high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic care. 

MIBS currently is an absolute leader in the MRI diagnostic field in the Russian Federation.

The quality of our specialists’ reports, as well as the quality of our images is acknowledged by leading radiologists in Germany, France, Switzerland, Israel and the USA.  Follow-up patient treatment is prescribed based on our images.

Every fifth MRI examination in the country is carried out in one of MIBS’ centres.

MIBS is one of the pioneers in the Radiosurgery field in the Russian Federation.

Gamma Knife Centre equipped with Elekta’s Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion has been treating patients since November 2008.

During our years of experience we have created a unique team of specialists.

Below you may find detailed information in Russian about our centres.


95 centers in 69 cities